In the Italian utilities industry is undergoing a process of significant transformation as a result of the continuing crisis which opened in 2008. Excess in production capacity, margins’ reduction, capital structures imbalances and industrial policies asymmetries in the different national systems are changing the different players’ strategies in depth. In an environment which is strongly regulated at the European level and is following a growing - but still incomplete – liberalization process, the industrial system of our Country results affected by a series of “handicaps”, in particular in the fields of water and waste management.

Gas and electricity
The European Union members depends on foreign countries for the vast majority of their total energy needs. Among the others, Italy is one of those countries with the largest imbalances.
In a context of price volatility, uncertainty of the supply sources, populated by aggressive investors and, now more than ever, affected by intense regulation, the gas and electricity industry is affected by major changes. With an in depth understanding of the dynamics of the sector, a wide experience throughout the value chain (production-distribution-sales) and a remarkable and cross-sector expertise, we advised many of the most important Italian companies operating in that field.
Our skills range from the management of changes in the corporate structure to the integration of different companies; from the analysis of possible ways to perform supply diversification, to increase profitability and to define business plans for power stations, district heating and renewables. We the design of commercial strategies, support the Customer in the choice of CRM products and in the simulation of upcoming public tenders.

Water and waste management
In these areas, our country marks a remarkable competitiveness gap.
Over the past 15 years we had the chance to witness the transformation of the former municipal corporations in public companies, the implementation of ATO (Ambiti Territoriali Ottimali) and the integration and fusion between different operators. However, the industrialization process in these sectors remains at its very beginning. In this complex phase of change, we offer our skills and experience at the service of both operators and institutions.
Our expertise in the waste management field ranges from the reorganization of operational services (collection, disposal and soil hygiene) to rates updating, from the analysis of waste streams for disposal to plant rationalization and includes the drafting of economic/operational feasibility studies for treatment plants.
Regarding the water cycle, we developed important studies for integrating several ATO, analyzing investment plans and related fees. Furthermore, we supported several Clients in post integration, redesigning organizations and processes and developing business plans.