Services Sector

In Europe, services account for 70% of economic output, and absorb a similar share of total employment. Freedom of establishment and freedom to provide (the principles enshrined in the European treaties) make services a single market, highly competitive and subject to rapid change. With our extensive experience, ranging from trade to restaurant services, from financial assets to real estate, we offer our expertise to help businesses to evolve in an economic environment sometimes characterized by significant financial difficulties.

With extensive experiences in the field, we know the complex mechanisms and dynamics that stand behind the exhibition market, both from the exhibition sites operators and the event organizer side. Despite the economic and financial crisis, the industry is growing, and competition increasingly stringent. We can support our customers in defining development guidelines and the strategic plans and in reshaping the organization and ownership structure, optimizing cost management and corporate finance. Over the past decade, Axteria has followed some of the most important integration/development deals in this sector.

Other Services
Axteria has proven over the years to be able to quickly learn new areas and provide solutions extremely popular with the most differentiated customers. From the Motorway Management to Banks, from Employment Agencies to Fashion Outlet, from Trade Associations to Real Hestate, Axteria’s consultants always manage to generate "cross fertilization" between sectors and offer the best delivery.