Public transportation

The Italian public transport System has been traditionally weak in comparison to other European Countries as, until now, a proper reform process has not started yet.

The cause of this gap is largely due to the fact that in Italy the TPL has never been identified as one of the strategic sectors for the whole system competitiveness.
Bridging these delays in the direction of supporting the industrial development has been a priority for our Country in the last few years. Unfortunately, this kind of commitment continues to be unmet, with a negative impact on those sector players that are also at the same time facing a decrease in resources availability.

Our deep and consolidated experience in the field, both on the regulator (regions, municipalities, agencies, etc.) and on the companies’ side (trains and busses operators), enables us to support customers in many different areas, from strategic planning to pricing, from impact assessment of new mode of transport to the definition of management “optimal areas” and the introduction of new strategic technologies value generation.

Our skills range from national and international benchmarking to performance evaluation, from the completion of integration partnerships between operators to the definition of strategic plans at the regional and national level supporting the implementation of institutional reforms. We design strategic innovation projects and develop corporate and organizational restructuring plans, including the relaunch and development of the different actors that operating in the train and busses industry.