Public Administration

The Central Governments’ fiscal crisis and the need to restructure public spending and to promote structural reforms that our country requires urge structural reforms in the functioning of public administration in all its sectors. On the one hand, the need to restructure the mode of operation of entire sectors of the public administration in order to improve the standards of operation will become increasingly less extensible over the time. On the other hand, it urges to reshape the sustainability of our social protection systems, consisting primarily on welfare and health system’s spending, which together account for over 60% of the state budget. In a context of population aging and consequent growth in health care needs, these are the challenges that we must pursue with urgency to import best practices, find more sustainable solutions, cut unproductive expenditure and re-prioritize. We support institutions and administrations in their intents to redesign policies, identify and implement national and international best practices, as well as in the administration reorganization in order to increase the efficiency of the Public Administration.

Over the last ten years, Axteria has performed scenario analyses and supported the implementation of new models and policies for different sectors, including welfare, education and employment, agriculture, mobility, industry, territories attractiveness and competitiveness. Furthermore, we developed some feasibility studies for the requalification of sectors which are pivotal for the territories competiveness, such as, for example, airports and highways.