Industrial Companies, whether they are large corporations or medium-sized enterprises, represent a key asset of our economic system and, notwithstanding the Great Crisis, have maintained an immense range of asset competences that still preserved a great potential for development.

In this area, Axteria has developed over the years a wide expertise, both in Italy and abroad, proving to be able to jointly support the top management and the entrepreneurs in order to develop the most effective strategies and best organizations possible. In these areas the speed and responsiveness are the key variables to compete. We pay much attention to "execution", as we believe that the value of any project lies mainly in its ability to affect reality in a short range of time.

Over the past decade the Arteria’s team have managed projects in Italy and abroad for large and medium enterprises in many different sectors (Automotive, Durable Goods, Fashion, Consumer Goods) covering virtually every key process, from strategy to product development, from production management to distribution and performance and control management.