Background and Company profile

Axteria is a strategy consulting firm founded in 2002 with the support of a Merchant Bank.

The founding associates s of Axteria, who are currently controlling the 100% of the Company, are former Accenture Partners that have previously gained significant experience in other consulting firms and major corporations.

The client portfolio consists of over 100 Axteria customers and includes some of the largest Groups involved in the manufacturing and commercialization of products and services, energy and utilities, transportation and government.

Axteria operates both in Italy and abroad and has its own offices in Milan, Rome and Brescia. All the professionals in Axteria are hired with permanent contracts and together represent a great asset for the Company's reputation and knowledge offered to our Customers.

The operational model, the organizational structure, and the selection and development of internal expertise model are comparable to those in use in the best international management consulting firms.

However, Axteria differs from these companies for its ability to tackle the problems posed by customers in a flexible and tailored way, accompanying clients in the necessary changes step-by-step and not having to submit to either inflexible standards or to the application of pre-packaged solutions.

Over the times, Axteria embraced an operational structure specialized both by markets and by solutions offered. In 2011, the Company adopted an internal quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001 requirements.